Maria Burpee

Marketing Artisan | Consultant, trainer & speaker

You want better business results. You desire to have a deeper connection with your customers. You have the next "big thing" and the world should know about it.

Highly sought-after B2B Marketing Consultant specialized in Healthcare. Delivering strategies to help you infuse creativity, ignite growth and achieve incredible outcomes.

Results-focused Marketing Consultant

You and your organization are looking for marketing help for a very specific reason. Launching a product, entering a new market, building a marketing organization or the need to get a bit more strategic and less tactical with your marketing. Or maybe you haven't even (yet) considered hiring a freelance marketing consultant, but you got here somehow and you too are faced with the problems below like lack of resources, lots of activity but no strategy, etc.

It's ok if you don't know exactly what you need, a lot of people just know they need help, a creative problem solver. Perhaps you want fresh ideas or a new perspective, you want to infuse some creativity into things, help drive innovation into the marketing mix. The bottom line is, not doing marketing is costing you money. No marketing means no customers, prospects, partners or investors. Not doing anything means you won't thrive or possibly survive.  Let's look at what you might be dealing with, the things you desire for your business:

Hire a marketing consultant for help:

  1. Improving Results

  2. Developing a Strategy

  3. Adding Resources

  4. Enhancing Affordability

  5. Launching a New Venture

Engaging Public Speaker & Expert Marketing Trainer

How many times have you attended an event with a speaker that changed your outlook on life? Someone that filled you with energy, hope or motivation or gave you such good information you feel more informed and better prepared to face real business challenges? When was the last time you gave a public speaker a rating of 4 out of 5 or higher?

I strive to offer such an experience and with a 4.85/5 average for speaking and training, having been named "favorite speaker of the day" and "best trainer Q4" or by pitching a client into the finals of a pitching contest I have the experience, passion and knowledge to deliver interesting and compelling sessions for retreats, off-sites, internal company events, training events or business conferences on:

  • Marketing Fundamentals for Startups & SMBs

  • Internationalization & Global Marketing

  • Change, Innovation & Creativity

  • Forging a Deeper Connection with Customers

  • Motivating and Aligning Sales & Marketing

"Be fearful of mediocrity"

 - Jonathan Ellery