Maria Burpee

Marketing Artisan | Consultant, trainer & speaker

You want better business results. You desire to have a deeper connection with your customers. You have the next "big thing" and the world should know about it.

Highly sought-after B2B Marketing Consultant specialized in Healthcare. Delivering strategies to help you infuse creativity, ignite growth and achieve incredible outcomes.

You and the organization are so busy, running so fast - cranking out content, running telemarketing campaigns or organizing events - you are not sure what it all adds up to and where it's going.

You are asking yourself:

  • What's the bigger picture, where can we grow

  • What is our plan, should we blog, which events should we attend

  • Who is our target, are they aware of us and our offerings

  • How can we know more about our market, customers and competitors

Are we driving meaningful engagements or are we just spitting out stuff that doesn't get seen, used, shared or acted upon. How can I tie social media to business results, how can I enthrall customers and become a thought leader. Contact me at to solve the larger problem at hand with a results-focused marketing strategy.

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