Maria Burpee

Marketing Artisan | Consultant, trainer & speaker

You want better business results. You desire to have a deeper connection with your customers. You have the next "big thing" and the world should know about it.

Highly sought-after B2B Marketing Consultant specialized in Healthcare. Delivering strategies to help you infuse creativity, ignite growth and achieve incredible outcomes.

Business is struggling, management is complaining, shareholders are demanding more/better/faster. You are running programs but they are not generating the results you need. You tweet but no one retweets.

Whatever objective you are chasing:

  • More revenue, leads, prospects or pipeline

  • Building engagement with influencers, advocates

  • Finding users, visitors, viewers or evangelists

  • Driving traffic to your website, blog or social channel

You are spending time and/or money and nothing is happening. Or maybe worse, you don't have the right tools and metrics in place to see if your efforts are giving you the results you want. Contact me at to discuss what you want to achieve and how I can help you do that.

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