Maria Burpee

Marketing Artisan | Consultant, trainer & speaker

You want better business results. You desire to have a deeper connection with your customers. You have the next "big thing" and the world should know about it.

Highly sought-after B2B Marketing Consultant specialized in Healthcare. Delivering strategies to help you infuse creativity, ignite growth and achieve incredible outcomes.

Here are the Nine Essential Marketing Masterclasses I currently offer.

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Marketing Fundamentals for Startups

Get down to basics and learn the essentials of marketing, from A to Z. This Marketing Fundamentals class covers all details within: Who is Your Customer,  Finding Your Customer and finally Delighting Your Customer. 

Ideal for Pre-Launch Stage Startups but open to all

Perfecting Your Sales & Marketing Funnels

Every business has a funnel and this Marketing Fundamentals class helps you perfect yours. From attracting visitors or users to "Try and Buy" CTAs, you need to learn how to generate, nurture, convert and satisfy customers.

Ideal for Pre-Launch Stage Startups but open to all

Building a Marketing Strategy & Tactical Plan

Any marketing activity must have a solid strategy driving it. This Marketing Fundamentals class will enable you to document your strategic goals as well as tactically plan all marketing activity in order to achieve your objectives.

Ideal for Pre-Launch Stage Startups but open to all

Content Marketing, PR & Social Media

One of the best, most reliable methods of attracting and converting qualified leads is to reach them thru content marketing, public relations and social media. This Marketing Advanced class gives you all the specifics.

Ideal for Growth Stage Startups but open to all

Killer Lead Generation & Nurturing

Those that do a killer job at generating and nurturing leads have killer results. This Marketing Advanced class dives into the details of how to generate and nurture the right leads with the right tools for the right results.

Ideal for Growth Stage Startups but open to all

Customer Centricity, Satisfaction & Loyalty

Companies that can shift from being product-centric to being customer-centric always win. With this class you learn how to put the customer first in order to satisfy and retain them for increased revenue and better profitability.

Ideal for Growth Stage Startups but open to all

Company Culture & Internal Branding

Culture trumps strategy every time. With this Marketing Advanced class you can create an awesome company culture and happy employees so that awesome results and happy customers will follow.

Ideal for Scale Stage Startups but open to all

When startups look to scale they look at regional or global expansion. This Marketing Advanced class carefully guides you on how to internationalize your company in order to grow market share and business results.

Ideal for Scale Stage Startups but open to all

Internationalization & Global Expansion

Change, Trends, Innovation & Creativity

If you can't tap into your creative side or your innovative potential you won't get to the next level of success. This class pushes you with cutting edge trends and cool techniques for infusing creativity in order to evolve and scale.

Ideal for Scale Stage Startups but open to all


€900* + VAT for up to 5 people

*Excludes Travel & Expenses (if outside Portugal). All classes are delivered in-person and on-site unless otherwise arranged (online Skype options exist).    See here for potential discounts.